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"The first 7 string Bass Guitarist"

About Garry Goodman


Piano age 4

Trombone age 7

Guitar/bass guitar age 9

Tuba age 12

First band 1966

American Federation of Musician since 1970

BMI writer/publisher since 1987

Percussive Harmonic technique 1972

7-string bass concept 1978

Extensive live performances-casuals, clubs, showroom, conventions, concerts, musical theater, recording studio etc.

Composer, vocalist, 4,5,6,7,8,9,11 and 12-string bass guitars

Chapman Stick 1974

Introduced the first 7-string bass guitar in 1987

Recorder first 11-string bass in 2004 and introduced a bass line spanning 6 octaves.

Introduced the single course 12-string bass and developed the high Ab4 string 2005

Introduced the first high A 440 hz string for the 25.5" scale guitar 2007

Realized the first 3 octave tuning for the 4x3 12-string 2007

(along with the first G4 string for the 34” scale making this tuning possible)

CD “Tap Dance On A Cloud” featuring the first 7 and 11-string bass guitars debuts on NewAge top 10 charts at #6   2005

Started Octave4Plus strings in 2008

Endorsed by Basson Sound, GHS, Höfner Guitars

Composer/producer/bass guitar of title songs, scores for film, advertising Jingle, station ID, music libraries and records.

Currently plays Höfner fretless 4-string, Tobias 7-string, Adler 8, 11 and single course 12-string, Dean 4x3 12 with 3 octave tuning, Warrior 9-string bass, Chapman Stick Touchboard.




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